“Penta Electronics UAB” company uses high-quality, easily integrated and high-performance equipment, and our staff involved in the manufacturing process is constantly trained and familiarized with the latest technological advances in the electronics industry.

“Penta Electronics UAB” company offers a wide range of services before/after the assembly stage. It can include wiring harness production, supply of components, wire cutting, peeling, final assembly and packaging. We also urgently provide such services as wire/cable automated cutting and insulation peeling.

For the wire cutting and preparation, we use precise technique. Within a short time we can prepare thousands of wires of the required length.

We carry out orders according to customer specifications exactly when it is needed and in the necessary amount.

“Penta Electronics UAB” can produce wire harnesses and electro technical components for ventilation equipment, heat pumps, conference equipment, household/industrial cleaning machines, garden equipment, vending machines, and also supply the other industries.

Our team creates value every day using their skills, advanced equipment and the most innovative technologies.

The driving force for “Penta Electronics UAB” is perfect work and customer satisfaction.